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2011 was the birth of one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted pharmaceuticals to date,  Slim Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. a name synonymous with exceptional trust and the thriving force amongst the top most successful 25 suppliers in the Island, is an institute that believes in providing nothing but the best of quality. Having garnered sustainable and trusted partnerships with the most diligent manufacturing companies, keeping in mind the unique standards we strive to maintain, ‘Slim Pharma’ offers premium rung generic medicine, nutraceuticals, surgical, medical instruments (Diagnostics) and cosmeceuticals. We believe in executing novel and transcending methodologies in accordance with the search for excellence. Driven by the thirst for the best, our committed team of dedicated professionals, are always on the constant lookout for improvement.


No. of Hospitals &

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We have a seamless operation system that helps us maintain our standard of excellence. We have more than 15 distributors who work hand in hand with us, Islandwide, for this very purpose and over two thousand five hundred individual hospitals and pharmacies we cater to. Our daily logistics are mapped to ensure quality and stability in every service we offer.


Imported only from the most trusted international sources, “SLIM PHARMACEUTICALS” revolves around the concept of providing the best of what there is to offer. All our products go through a stringent screening process to ensure quality and safety. A few of our Generic Product Categories are:





Our Partners

We co-work and collaborate with those who strive for the same passion, we are a team of hardworking individuals who come together in order to produce and yield the best of results. Our esteemed partners are renowned for their best practices and quality products that we have fostered for beneficial relationships, (With over 35 partners) to guarantee essential medication to the local market.