We co-work and collaborate with those who strive for the same passion, we are a team of hardworking individuals who come together in order to produce and yield the best of results. Our esteemed partners are renowned for their best practices and quality products that we have fostered for beneficial relationships, (With over 35 partners) to guarantee essential medication to the local market.


The world’s largest biotech company

We are the world’s number 1 in biotech with 17 biopharmaceuticals on the market. Over half of the compounds in our product pipeline are biopharmaceuticals, enabling us to deliver better-targeted therapies.

Roche was one of the first companies to bring targeted treatments to patients. With our combined strength in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, we are better equipped than any other company to further drive personalised healthcare. Two-thirds of our Research and Development projects are being developed with companion diagnostics.

The global leader in cancer treatments

We have been at the forefront of cancer research and treatment for over 50 years, with medicines for breast, skin, colon, ovarian, lung and numerous other cancers.



Baxter is a company making a difference with meaningful innovations for patients, healthcare providers and communities. For more than 85-years, the company has worked at the intersection of saving and sustaining lives – gathering powerful insights that inform the development of innovative technologies and approaches to healthcare globally. Stay in touch with the latest perspectives from important members of the Baxter healthcare community.


Otsuka Pharmaceutical was established in Japan 1964.

At Otsuka Pharmaceutical, we are committed to a holistic approach to health and well-being of people and are striving to create innovative, thoroughly-original pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products based on our corporate philosophy “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”.

With these two core businesses, analogous to riding on a bicycle, we drive on two wheels.


Shenzhen Techdow Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

“Techdow is the largest LWMH manufacturer and exporter of China. Depending on strong research strength, leading technology, reliable quality assurance system and excellent industrialization capacity, Techdow’s API product (such as Enoxaparin sodium API). Techdow obtained the GMP certificate from authorities including US FDA, EU, Australia TGA, Brazil ANVISA and Colombia INVIMA. Furthermore, Techdow passed US FDA inspection for API without any deficiency twice. Currently, Techdow has become the largest LMWH finished dosage –  product exporter in China. In 2014, Techow’s Heparin Sodium injection got the US FDA ANDA which became the first Chinese Heparin generic supplier in the American market. Techdow dedicates itself to become a respectable global pharmaceutical enterprise to make a great contribution for human health.”

Shilpa Medicare Limited (India)

“Shilpa has increasingly established itself as one of the few companies with integrated development, manufacturing and commercial expertise in the complex sector of generic pharmaceuticals. We have a formidable track record of development around challenging patent landscapes. We develop, produce and market a portfolio of approximately 50 + high-quality and cost-effective generic medicines. We are constantly working for breakthroughs in value-added generics that can help in furthering the patient’s access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.”

Simplivia – Israel

At Simplivia™ Healthcare we focus on your safety so you can focus on what really matters. We offer drug delivery solutions to keep healthcare professionals safe while handling hazardous drugs through all stages from preparation to administration. Simplivia™ is dedicated to providing high-quality medical solutions for drug delivery to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals. All our products are manufactured to the highest ISO standards with approvals from leading regulatory bodies, and are sold worldwide.

Secure Pharmaceuticals – Israel

Se-cure is a research-driven pharmaceutical company founded in 1997, which has developed a proprietary platform for the discovery, development and scaling of therapies from botanical origin. Implementing proprietary botanical therapies development and scaling technologies, Se-cure introduces novel biochemical agents characterized by functionally selective mechanisms of action in target tissues providing safe and effective solutions to medical needs.

Ever Pharma – Austria

EVER Pharma is a fully integrated specialty pharmaceuticals company focused on the research, development, production and commercialization of products in the areas of neurology, critical care, anesthesia and oncology. From our global headquarters in Austria we run a dynamic operation providing innovative therapies and value-added formulations aimed at enhancing patient and healthcare professional’s lives through improved safety and convenience. Our products are developed and manufactured at our EU GMP certified facilities in Austria and Germany. These are highly specialized in the production of complex injectable including high potency substances, crystal suspensions in vials, pre-filled syringes, ampoules and implants. We market our products in more than 70 countries around the world through 25 international affiliated companies and strategic partners.

Kedrion Biopharma – Italy

Kedrion is an international company that collects and fractionates blood plasma to produce and distribute plasma-derived therapeutic products for use in treating serious diseases, disorders and conditions such as hemophilia and immune system deficiencies. Kedrion Biopharma has a long history of collaboration with the Italian National Health System, and partners the country in its move toward self-sufficiency in plasma-derived products. We bring this experience and the dedication to that goal to potential partners around the world. In recent years Kedrion has expanded its operations – not only into the United States through Kedrion Biopharma Inc., but into Hungary as well. It now has a market presence in about 100 countries. In addition, it has acquired collection and production capacity as well as the rights to significant products for treating hemophilia and preventing Rh sensitization, a condition which can lead to Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and the Newborn (HDFN).

Bilim Pharmaceuticals

Founded in 1953, Bilim Pharmaceuticals is a 100% Turkish capital owned company that manufactures and markets drugs, a strategically important commodity. Ranked 3rd among 300 corporations in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, Bilim Pharmaceuticals consistently continues to grow at a higher rate than the market. Bilim Pharmaceuticals carries out its production activities at two separate plants. Approved by the German Ministry of Health, Bilim Çerkezköy is one of Turkey’s most significant penicillin manufacturing facilities. Approved by the British Ministry of Health, Bilim Gebze is Turkey’s largest, most innovative and most environment-friendly drug manufacturing plant.

Onko Koçsel Pharmaceuticals

Onko Koçsel Pharmaceuticals has first taken its place in the pharmaceutical sector in 1987 by introducing blood derivative products in Turkey and becoming an exclusive distributor for the reputable European companies

We are saving lifes every day and increase life expectancy. This purpose makes us passionate about what we do. We create smartier solutions for healtier future. We help society for awareness, early stage diagnosis and we offer treatment.

What wouldn’t you sacrifice to live even just one more day. What about 10 more years? We know the value of living even one more day therefore we would never stop working to make this happen for the society.

Rubio Pharma

“Rubio Pharma ® and Associated S.A. de C.V. is a pharmaceutical company widely recognized, its founder is Dr. Jose Luis Rubio Pino. It is a leader in the management of medicine homotoxicology and therefore works to promote the training of Mexican doctors in ‘ozone therapy’, homotoxicology, Biopuncture, Mesotherapy, aesthetic, and other complementary therapies. One of the main responsibilities of Rubio Pharma ® is to provide medicines and services that enhance the quality of life for the society, which has products registered with the Ministry of health, offering the security of being reliable and effective. Rubio Pharma ® and Associated S.A. de C.V represents a real alternative in health and gives the medical professional, the opportunity to know this medicinal branch.”

Protexin Healthcare (U.K)

“Protexin Healthcare is dedicated to producing innovative, research based, live bacteria products of the highest quality for the veterinary, human, agriculture and equine healthcare markets. The natural supplements we manufacture are extensively researched for safety and efficacy. We work closely with leading universities and research centres across the world, on a range of ongoing research programmes.”

World Medicine (Turkey)

“World Medicine started its activities in the year of 2011, being affiliated to the ‘World Medicine Corporate Group’ in Turkey, we develop and manufacture medicines from various trusted organizations. We proudly mention that the contemporary R&D laboratory that we have established is one of the best laboratories in the East of  Europe.”

Sichuan Yuanda Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd (China)

“Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (SHUYANG) founded in 1985, was an army-owned enterprise. In 1998, SHUYANG was taken over by Chengdu municipal government. China Grand Enterprises wholly purchased SHUYANG in 2001 and restructured it into a joint-stock enterprise in 2007. It was also the first company who simultaneously passed verification of Quality (ISO9001), Environment (ISO14001) and Occupational Health systems (OHSAS18001). It also got GMP approval and obtained export certifications from Russia and Turkey etc. The main products are in 8 categories with 23 specifications, including Human Albumin, Human Immunoglobulin for Intravenous Injection (PH4), Human Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin for Intravenous Injection(PH4), Human Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin, Human Tetanus Immunoglobulin, Human Rabies Immunoglobulin and Human Histamine Immunoglobulin. It ranks top 50 industrial enterprises in Sichuan and top 20 industrial enterprises in Chengdu. SHUYANG is also recognized as Sichuan Provinces’ key potential enterprises and awarded the Top 30 Enterprises of Pharmaceutical Industrial in Sichuan.”


“Medisure Laboratories Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated with its registered office at Karachi on 30th Dec 1991. Dr. Kaiser Waheed is the Director and CEO of Medisure Laboratories Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited. Proud to have launched life-saving drugs like Durakinase (for myocardial infarction), Neurocoline (for brain stroke and brain injury). Medisure has also launched Ticlop (a platelet aggregation inhibitor), Bredin, (cerebro-selective calcium channel blocker) the arsenal against neurological maladies like senile dementia and Alzheimer along with its main indication of subarachnoid hemorrhage. Miobi, (an original ginseng preparation with vital minerals and vitamins) for stress related and deficiency disorders.”

Yichang Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

“Yichang Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. We are a leading speciality – pharmaceutical company in China focusing on R&D, manufacturing , domestic and export business of anesthetic drugs and drugs with other specific features. By taking the advantages of its solid scientific research strength, well-established quality system, the Company has become an excellent brand of narcotics with good reputation in China. With high commitment to the quality of the product and development of international markets, the Company has established strategic partnership with dozens of international companies, the products of the company have been exported to more than 20 countries.”

Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd

“Hebei Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, its final target is to be the most professional injection and infusion manufacturer, as well as for tablets and anticancer drugs. Established in 1970, our company has more than 40 years of professional experience of pharmaceuticals. The products of different dosage formulations sell well in domestic markets as well as Uzbekistan, Russia, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other more than 20 foreign countries.


“ARTURA (aah-TYOO-rah) means NOBLE. Artura Pharmaceuticals stands apart as a distinguished pharmaceutical company known for its noble pursuit towards enhancing life through trusted medicines at fair prices. Our commitment is towards every individual who seeks to alleviate illness and elevate one’s quality of life. We stand for Dignity in our Every Action – Conception, Expression and Execution. We are driven by our individual morals and operate through our collective values.

Gufic Biosciences Limited

“We have been in the Pharmaceutical industry since 1970 and are known and respected for innovative and high quality pharmaceutical and herbal products along with a wide range of APIs. We are one of the largest manufacturers of Lyophilized injections in India and have a fully automated lyophilization plant. Our lyophilized product portfolio includes Antibiotic, Antifungal, Cardiac, Infertility, Antiviral and proton-pump inhibitor segments. Our products are supplied to most major hospital chains and leading medical facilities and we have an extensive network of representatives promoting these products all across India.”


“1983 was the year in which Troikaa was founded. Commercial activities started in the year 1984. The beginnings were modest, we had a small factory & the employee strength of the company was only 15. Constant innovation & detailed marketing have resulted in a steady growth for Troikaa. Today we can boast of an impressive corporate office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Three State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Gujarat and Uttarakhand, five marketing divisions & boast more than 2300 employees.”

Olive Healthcare

“The Olive Group of companies ventured into the world of soft gelatin formulations by setting up its first manufacturing facility over 3 decades ago. Over the years with the advancement and innovation of soft gelatin related technology, and the ever increasing emphasis on cGMP standards, we have set up two state of the art manufacturing units in India.”


“Scotmann is a privately owned pharmaceutical company with a differentiated portfolio focused on branded medicines in biotech, cardiovascular, diabetes, gastroenterology, respiratory and inflammatory diseases, pain management, osteoporosis, psychiatry and nutritional supplementation etc. An extensive range of OTC products completes its portfolio. Our R&D is structured around partnerships with European Contract Research Organizations (CROs). These partnerships help us adhere to excellent manufacturing practices, ensuring that our products meet highest International standards for safety and potency. The company employs highly qualified personnel and its products are available throughout Pakistan. Scotmann plans to further strengthen its position in key neighbouring markets. Headquartered in Islamabad – Pakistan, Scotmann has the distinction of being Pakistan’s first and foremost Biotechnology Company.”